Patti Lee

Patti Lee played at our church today and what a motivational singer she is. She is very down to earth and I love her message and the message in all of her music. It's been a month or so since I attened church so this was nice to get back in there. I am going to be attending regularly!! There is NO excuse not to! There was a song that her and another fellow church member it was GOOOD! Talked about no matter how clean your house is, or how great things are at your home, "if you have dust on your bible you have dirt in your heart"! Altho it was a funny song, the message was still strong. I dont know today was different then other days... I really felt touched and inspired. Below you will find one of her songs that I just love and that she performed. ((dont forget to pause my other music*this is something you will want to listen to))


    I've heard of Patti Lee but I don't think I've heard her sing. That little line you shared is sooo true! Thanks for sharing it!