the first

Where do you start with your first blog? Well I will start with some things that I am passionate about. First I will start with:

They are more than the world to me. I would do anything for any one of my family! They keep me strong, comfort me when I cry, laugh with me some times at me, and they are just wonderful!

My girls. Brianna Joyce ((3yrs)) and Addisyn May ((7 months))

Brianna (bre-yon-a) is a rolling ball of fire! always so much engery, overly excited over the smallest things, and my first born. She will always be my baby! Altho a pain at times she can be, she always wins your heart with her silly songs or extended vocabulary. "that's hillarious" she tells me. I can't help but smile

Addisyn (add-i-sin) loves to laugh and smile. She has broke thru 6 teeth and when she smiles you cant't help but feel all warm and gooey inside. She is still working on crawling but does know how to do the worm. Not really the army crawl but more wave like movements and boy is she quick. My girls are total packages and a true gift to our family!

I love photography! I am not great at doing it, but I sure would love to learn more, get tips, and have great photos for my memory and for the sake of my girls!

Is this silly that I am a 22yr old. SAHM ((stay at home mother)) and I am a fan of....

Yea I loved the saga! I sat for hours reading and reading! I can't believe it's over and yes:

I could go on and on about Twilight and you will see many things I am sure in this blog about it! It's the only book I have read since like high school and call me a nerd but I am re-reading the first book now, and yes...plan to re-read them all! I can't wait for New Moon to come out! EEEK

Well for tonight -since i have been working on this post for hours- this is the end...until tomorrow:


    ROAR! I read all 4 Twilight books in 3 days both times! Think DH would KILL me if I read them again so soon!


    Such sweet girls! I love taking photos but I'm not the greatest either. Maybe some day I'll get a real nice camera. I am a fan of Twilight too. I've been thinking about reading the series over again. They're just so darn good! And, yes, I agree that the books are better than the movie but I'm still excited for New Moon to come out in theaters!! BTW I love your last little graphic. It made me smile.