my fathers surgery

Tomorrow after noon my father is schedualed for shoulder surgery. winters in Wyoming can be dangerous and that does not exclude the stair right outside your home. My father was taking out the trash like any other day, but this time there was slick ice on the front stairs and when he slipped, like anyother person naturally would do, he tried to catch himself. This resulted in torn muscles ((I think there was something else but I can't recall it))! So to those that read this, words of encouragement for steady hands of the doctors, fast healing, and safe drive home ((my mother is driving him home)) are welcomed. As I know more, or is anything changes I will be sure to update. I have enough believe to know things will go well.
He is out of surgery and about ready to be released. My mother said they gave him before and after pictures so they can see all the damage. Everything went well! Thank you to everyone who said a word or to in favor of my father and the doctors!


    Glad the surgery went well! Hopefully no more falls!