Calvins EKG

On April 23rd Calvin went to the doctors to get a follow up on the health fair ((where they took his blood for testing)) When going through his history he informed the nurse of the chest pain he has been having. The nurse excused herself at that time, and then the doctor came in and proceeded to tell his nurse to get Calvin an EKG (Electrocardiography)! The doctor ((after EKG)) then informed Calvin that is was abnormal! It is normal for an EKG to have spikes and dips and flutters that sit at line even. The doctor (we will call him DR.H) let Calvin know that his dips where what make his EKG abnormal. While other less serious things can cause this, DR.H's concern is Calvin's chest pain he has been having for a few months. Now this is not the first doctor to know about Calvin's chest pains. The last doctor played these pains off as dealing with gull bladder or kidney stones ((which Calvin did pass in Aug.06 and another in Oct.06)) We have been researching and reading up on all of this and have also come across the more serious results of an abnormal EKG! Myocardial defects, heart valve disease, enlargement of the heart, inflammation of the heart, coronary artery disease, and past, pending or impending heart attacks are only a few of the problems that EKG's can help to detect. While we are not sure what are causing these abnormal reads, it is surely a reality check. We have to get healthy! There are no way around this. Calvin's blood pressure is also high and his cholesterol as well,is high. He is now on meds for both of them. He will go back to the doctors when they can get him in, in a few weeks, and he will take a stress test and get further information on what is going on. Please keep positive thoughts for him. Pray if it's your thing, but more then anything just hope for the best, keep him in your thoughts, and check in often for updates. I will give more as I know more!

((also to come is wrote by him detail of this visit how he felt and how he told the family


    A stress test is a good idea. I wonder if the doctor will order it with nuclear imaging.