We need to know more....

I am feeling frustrated. Some one was to call Calvin and set up a stress test and they have yet to do it, whats going on?? I find this to be serious, it could be something that needs imediate attention yet they will not call and set up this other test to see exactly what's going on. Ok yes, it could be something mild but, if they know something more and that's why they are taking their time, well could you let US know so we are not stressing over this, and thinking of the worse. I can tell you its getting the best of my husband at times. How do I stay strong and positive for the both of us. Well I know I am doing my best!! I need to rely on the Lord more. I know that this going to work out but I find myself questioning WHY! I just want to know whats going on so we can deal with this as it needs to be dealt. I hope to get a phone call and an appointment for his stress test very soon.


    Do you have a written order from the dr for the test? If they gave you a copy you can call scheduling and set up the appt yourself. I'm not sure how that dept works of course but that's how mine is. I hope it gets set up soon!


    Well thats the thing, he has called and played phone tag with them for days but FINALLY today ((jo)) called him back and it is set up for May 8th! I will have an updated blog about todays doc apt!


    hey lady, I emailed you - if you get a minute check it :)


    I just wanted to let you know that instead of the raffle we're going to do stright purchases, so you get to pick a prize :) I have to find out what the first person wants, and then the second person has picked which one she'd like, with a backup. So, if you want to give me your top 3 in order, I'll make sure you get one of them. :)