NOT ME Monday!

Altho MckMama didn't mention this today on her blog, I will still follow thru with posting mine.
When it comes to children there is nothing they won't try once. They do not have any regrets, and they can care less about taste.... or so it seems!

There was this-

then this-


    Are you the Jessica I missed on my chat box? If so, SORRY! I forget I was logged on and went outside to read the bible to my boys. I'm not on much, so I pretty much stink at it. hee hee...

    I'm on now if you wanna try again. If not, we'll try again later.

    Have a beautiful day.


    Hey Jessica! Thanks for writing! Yes, my three column layout should fit your blog. If it doesn't let me know and I'll send you over the direct link for one that is even wider in the middle that I use for my personal blog because I have everything set on a wider setting.

    Check it out at if you want to see how it looks!