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When you hear "the grass is greener on the other side" what comes to mind? I thought about this as I was helping and talking to a friend struggling with her marriage. Am I the greener grass to others? Are their many levels to this expression? Now I am not saying that I have a perfect life, but who does. It just made me think of the people who look up to me or my family, my children ect. and whatever. I have never really stepped back to think how others wish they were something like me, or had something that I do. But then there I sit, looking at skinny ladies, thinking that's my green grass, I wanna be skinny, or people with big backyards and houses ((i live in trailer)) and that's my green grass. Is it tho... my green grass or would you classify that as jealousy? Yes?....then what exactly does it mean when you hear "the grass is greener on the other side"? This post is random and kinda out of place I suppose, but sure does make you think, for me at least

I must also add that I thought I was defined by the thing I said and the things I do/have done but it's nothing like that at all! I am most defined by the people I love, the people who love me, my heart and most of all my prayer!


    The grass will always be "greener" on the other side. People will always have things that we wish we had. It's hard to be content w/ what we have in the country we live in. We splurge on so many things! We should think about how fortunate we really are.