Another cleaning fairy

Yes thats right, another cleaning fairy struck my house. The other day I had to run to the post office, and how wonderful my mother is, she came to watch children while I ran and when I came back she had my dishes all rinsed and ready to be put in dishwasher! That was super nice of her. Also today she is going to come and help me clean my house real good for hubs becuz it's


I have learned so much over our 4 years of marriage. Like I am NOT always right =]!! But also how to reach goals and be successful. Take your time, we are all going one place and why rush things. Always in a hurry to get no where, is how I feel. so CHILL!! My husband has helped me grow into who I am. While I still have room for improvement, I am trying to focus differently. I can't pick and bitch about everything, when it's really nothing, I need to refocus my lens!


    I need a cleaning fairy. lol

    Happy Anniversary!


    Thank you so much Holly =]


    Happy Anniversary Jess!

    Doesn't it suck sometimes to realize you aren't always right?

    Can the fairy come to my house too?!?!?!