As if money hasn't been tight enough, we took our jeep in to the shop for my fallen window and it will be 700$! How do these people sleep at night. They can't even just put it in the up position becuz it's on a pulley system and whatever cord or some sort is broke. Calvin has to move his brother up to Washington in 2 weeks and wants the family to go ((me and the girls)) I just think we will stay home honestly! I mean it would save us money ya know. That and I don't know how Addie will do on a 12-14hour trip. I don't see it being very easy. Money is so frustrating!


    Money can be very frustrating. And that's a lot of money to fix the window. Crazy! I don't blame you wanting to stay home. I would want to.


    It sounds like it's the window regulater.(that moves the windown up and down) I've have the same thing happen to my window. But 700.00 sounds too expensive. Call a car window repair place and they charge about 200.00 or you can buy the part at pick in pull and your husband can install it. Very easy to fix!


    I can understand your frustration. 700$ is alot, especially if it wasn't in the budget. Hope things work out for you.