new look, new ideas!

If you have been following (thanx Holly and Jelene) you will notice some changes! I am going to be going for more relaxed setting! Earthy colors are wonderful!! You will also notice new banner...same name just a little different twist on everything! Turn the Page is about me and my family makeing decicions to better ourselves, and make a turn around on some situations but it is also MY place to sit and read, post and enjoy! So I hope these changes you will ALSO enjoy! Like a goood cup of coffee! I want to also make it somewhere you enjoy reading, I want to make you laugh and just feel comfy here in your morning ((or afternoon =])) pajamas!!

ADDING: I am NOT loveing what I have up it's bound to change a few times today and maybe even tomorrow! I will let you know when it's complete!!


    Well, whatever your new look ends up being it'll be great! I'm in the process of changing my family blog right now. One of my friends is doing it for me.