Not Me! Monday

Earlier this week I was sorting through e-mails, (mostly junk mail) and usually zoom through the checks. STOP! something caught my eye. "McMama is following you on Twitter" I did not "really?" outloud. She is like every other person, yes, but she has 1549692267 fans and 284783 people who follow her, so it was neat. But I did not get as giddy as a kid in a candy store.

I did not blow my diet with chips and 7 layer bean dip last night for the super bowl. Never! I am always on track!

Breakfast, it can be so overrated! So this morning when my daugther asked for a bean dip breakfast, I would have never gave her a chocolate chip waffle with a side of bean dip and say "dig in"

Thought for the week:
We make a living by what we make, but we make a life by what we give.
Winston Churchill


    I think the Superbowl is the perfect time to diet cheat :) Your daughter's breakfast sounds fun. I'll bet she loved it!


    Just wanted to comment back....I'm going with the dr/midwife group b/c I want to have a water birth. Can't have that with a regular ob. Yes, I'm still on CM. I'll look for your request then! I haven't been on in a day or so.