21 days

3 weeks

They are said to be the magic numbers when working on breaking a habit.

I am working on breaking a habit, but it is the hardest one to break. More so than heroine, tobacco, even alcohol. I have the habit of food. I did not get overweight by having a good relationship with food. I know that, and won't deny the way I abused food. How do you even begin to work on a habit, where your weakness is all around every day, every where! Willpower? If I had enough of that, I wouldn't be overweight would I? Food, it is in our everyday lives, obviosuly, in my home, tv commercials, billboards... and the list goes on. Having food in my home is like having a heroine loaded needle in every cup board for a heroine addic. Maybe heroine is not the best to compare because unlike food, heroine is not heathly in any amount, but the availibility to food on my part is like the loaded needle. Let erase the healthy amount of food. So it would look something like this: Healthy amount Over Eating. Late Eating. Unhealthy foods. Those in bold, they are my heroine, if you will. 1 to 3, those odd are not in my favor. As a family we have also eliminated Unhealthy Foods. So again Healthy amount Over Eating. Late Eating. Unhealthy foods. My needle is only half full (or empty) now. The harder I work, the more it pushes back. Yes, I am down 10lbs (go me) but I can't say I am doing it the most healthy. A healthy weight loss includes eating 1200 calories a day, lots of water, working out, you know the drill, but I am consuming 600, on a good day. You can't just eliminate food, but where can I find my happiness and get my break when food is my habit?


    It won't be easy but any habit can be broken. Many people set a time where they stop eating. And you could use a smaller plate when you have meals.