A tisk-et.A task-it

Its Wednesday and for the hubby that means Weigh In and I am anxiously waiting his arrival home and find out his results. He is sure he is down 5-7 lbs. but that is all depending on his water and food intake today.

UPDATE: He pushed a -6.3. YAY!! I am so proud of him. He stated that he was confident that he was this weeks winner. A bit cocky, if you will. Well a female challenger pushed a -7.5 so he was not the "biggest loser". He plans to work extra hard this week and is determined to to lose more than anyone else. They only have about 10 challengers so I have complete faith that he can push a big numbers and be next weeks prize winner. In every way, he is my winner. -6lbs is awesome for the first week of weight loss! This puts him at about -35lbs total from when he actually began his weight loss, which had it's kick off this last summer.

I am proud to announce that I am down 10 lbs. It's been about 5 weeks that I have been working out and eating well but I have had my share of slip up. Regardless, 2lbs a week is not bad at all! I did have a mental goal of -30lbs by my birthday, which is March 3rd. So I have 30 days to lose 20lbs. I am not about to shoot myself down if I do not meet that goal though. I think I am doing well.
My girls and I attended "Story Time" at the library this afternoon. It was great to get myself and the girls out of the house. The stories were about shadows and the craft was a groundhog, in honor of Punxsutawey Phil or Groundhog's Day! We plan to attend every Wednesday.


    You both are doing awesome! He did great in losing 6 lbs in a week and he was so close to being the biggest loser!