Almost a year.

Here in a few months (April 16th) I will have been a blogger, if you will, for one year. I was scanning my blog and noticed the different ways I have wrote, the ways I have attempted to encourage more visitors, start trends, and the way I have grown. While I have been doing this for (almost) a year, I still have room to grow and improve. I can let you know one thing that is certian, the all over the place randomness will never end. But I am sure that's one thing you love about me.

As we get closer to April (and spring time, yay!) I will recap to posts like this. Maybe I can think up a fun give away also. Thank you to all of my readers for stickin it out while I work out kinks and try to get some kind of organization on this blog on mine. (organization may never come, but my randomness is much more fun anyays.)