Parent Teacher Conferences & then some

Parent Teacher Conerences.
Thursday we had a a meeting with Brianna's preschool teachers. I could stop at "She is on track for her age." Which I am thrilled to hear. Brianna just makes the deadline of September 15th for Kindergarten so her teachers did pose a concern for that. They ran through a few different results of previous children going now versus going in a year. I have always pushed for waiting a year but my husband was set on her going this coming fall. My thought are (and have been) that she will be 4 when she starts school then turning 5. I am not fully comfortable with that. After hearing from the teachers, my same concerns, I believe Calvin is pushing for keeping her out until the following fall. Few things that I believe are making him think differently are things like her being behind on driving when everyone else will be, graduating when she is 17, and the home hitter (for me especially) is if she does happen to fall behind, they no longer hold children back. they just push them off to the next grade, ready or not. We want the best for her. In May we will meet again with her preschool teachers. They are sure she will be on track and it will then be the toss up of her age at that time.

We made it to church this weekend. I expressed my feelings about going (better yet, not going) and he agreed that we need that friendship with the Lord and need the guidence to get there from our church, pastor and friends. After all, a personal relationship with Jesus changes everything.

Thought of the week.
Live your life so you don't have to hide your diary.


    Glad to hear you made it to church. Yes, that relationship does change everything!! I like the thought of the week.

    It's a tough decision to make about whether to send or not. I was always one of the younger ones in my class.