Not Me Monday

Another Not Me Monday hosted by Mckmama

When we bought our guinea pig I had no idea the accessories these pets need and love. We re waiting for payday so I have to improvize on some things. A toilet paper roll makes a great hay feeder that is fun to get the hay out and roll around. These animals are tunnel lovers but I did not make him one out of a cigarette carton.

(FYI: I do not smoke in house)

These little animals can be quite the messy ones. That paper bedding they use, boy can it travel around their cage then around your home. I made a "pee pad" I suppose you would call it and it has worked out well. Today I made another but I had no intestions of a tutorial for a guinea pig forum.... nope nuh-uh!

(If you want link comment and I will attach later)

I did not just write a whole Not Me about a guinea pig!

And here is a little tid bit more about our newest family memer. Remember meeting Blondie here. Blondie...ain't that the cutest little girl name? To bad we have miss-sexed our little fur baby. Blondie is actually a boy. And being a boy, needs a name change. According to my oldest daughter. So maybe you can give us some suggestions. And maybe I can pick a name and have a give away... you like that,right? Post comming tomorrow of a name change so check back and suggest a name and maybe win a prize.