Weigh in

Victory! Calvin lost another 3 lbs at this weeks weight in. Putting him at a grand total of 9 lbs in 3 weeks. Not to bad at all. I am sitting at only a loss of 13 total. I dropped 10 fast but have not been able to push past for some reason. Well I say some reason, but it's lack of working out. I want to, I have the motivation but lack the time. It's not my ideal time when Calvin gets home from work because I have been busy with kids all day. I have been getting up with Calvin in the morning (about 4-4:30am) but I am not the type to get up and go right to the work out room. Seems like Addisyn is getting up more and more early each day so I seem to get in 10 minutes and she is at the door "Maaaaamma". I am working on my goals still, feeling better about myself, letting frustration right out the door instead of in the home or bottled within me, and using my husband for support. It feels good. He also uses me for support, we are feeling so healthy as a couple and strong in our marriage. I love the way everything has been!