How to say baby.

I stole borrowed MckMama post, telling the hubby about a pregnancy. See hers in the "Welcome, Number five" post.

And here are mine.

It was a late school night (yes, school night) in 2004. My husband and I had a sneaking suspicion that our future and life as we knew it was going to change, for the best of course. I decided to buy a double pack pregnancy test, in case it was to early to test then I had a backup. Okay confession, it was truthfully because I was young (17) and to save myself the embarrassment of walking through the store with the test in hand and gawking eyes. (Which I did run into a friend's sister at the check out who said, "Really, you think you are pregnant, well I guess, good luck.") Ahem moving on. While I knew the instructions opted to test in the morning, the anticipation was growing, and growing, and growing. My husband went to bed as I sat and watched some T.V., but not for long. I couldn't wait and I knew I had two tests and could retest in the morning. I quietly open the first test, hands shaking with every emotion and ahhhh, now the 3 minute wait. Not! It showed almost instantly. Pink. Bold, dark and pink lines, right there. Now what? My husband is sleeping, along with the rest of the world. Well I go into our room, stir him up a little and whisper "We are pregnant." "uuhuh" WHAT, that is your response...okay, I forgive you and I'll let you sleep. GRR, I have to tell someone, I have to get this out. Mom, no! She has to work in the morning. AhHaa, E. yes, she will be awake. Ring ring, ring ring. "Hello." "Hey, what are you doing?" "Yea, well I just wanted to call real quick and tell you...your going to be an auntie" (Not really my sister or any relation, but might as well be, another post for that though) "What, yay! I am happy for you, that's exciting." So for all intense and purposes, E. was the first to know. For this pregnancy and the story that is next. (read on) I am antsy and it really has not hit me yet, so I go to bed.

Well that was not the end. I had to tell my mother. My father. Oh my, how do I tell my father. I am 17, in school, his only girl, the baby of the family and not married (yet!). Well I do take the other test in the morning, positive. Calvin knows by now but now I have to tell my family. Mom, she is working. Off to go see her. I go into the back (she worked at a restaurant) and I lay the test down. Her expression was a little unreadable. I could not tell is she was happy or not. And sadly after her look, I can't remember what she said. Or if words were exchanged at all. I honestly want to say she implied "well, you now need to tell your father". Or maybe I know how weird I was about having to tell him that that is what is stuck in my head. I am not even real sure how I told him. He was already on a minimal talking basis. As if he is a chatter, but I was, again, his baby, his girl and dating. Dating someone who was 6 years older than me did not help the situation. I assume the talk went something like "hmm yea, so I am pregnant dad" and it is quite likely he said nothing. Must not have been a bad response, I am sure that would have stuck with me.

So there we were 2.5 years later. Calvin was out of town and I was more than sure I was pregnant again. Off to the store again, but this was not a walk of embarrassment this time. I was older, married and ready for another bundle of joy. Again, double pack, just in case. And like before, no morning urine, I had to test now. The 3 minute wait and yes, bold, pink and very much there, a line that meant another baby to welcome into our loving hearts and arms. The news is in, and I call E. Another congratulations from my friend and now to tell the hubby. How? He would be home in 2-3 days and I could wait...right. I wanted to think of something cute and was on a time limit and a budget. Whole room of pink and blue balloons? Fun, but not something I can muster up. So I scrounge around the home and I get the idea. I will wait until he gets home, cook a great dinner and reveal it then. How, you ask? He arrives home, dinner is set and we go about it as if nothing is going on. Because well, he does not know of anything. How did he not see me staring at him with every bite. Waiting for him to see. To see what I want to tell him. A scoop of peas to his fork and then a pause. Smash, slide, glide... #2 we are pregnant, wrote right on the plate he eats from. He looks up "Really?!?" He was very excited. He jumped up from his chair to give me a hug. Don't let him fool you if he tells this story, he was on the verge of tears. Of happiness of course. It was the best reaction. I hope that I can congratulate him again soon with a baby #3 surprise.


    Great post. My first was also a pre-marriage baby. not an easy mom and dad conversation. #2 couldn't contain myself so I told him the second I peed on the stick and we watched it change together. Lost that baby. :( Got preggo very next cycle (much to the opposite advice from my doc) so I didn't want to test right away because I was in denial. but he knew before I even tested. baby #4 (#3 live birth) we were on vacation for his grandpa's 100h b-day and oldest was up with stomach flu all night long and I had planned to use first morning urine but figured 2 a.m. urine was the same thing.... came up pos. right away so I ran in and jumped on hubs and congratulated him on being a daddy of 3. he was a little groggy at 2 in the morning. :) Hope baby #3 surprise is soon and lots of fun for all. :)


    Those are touching memories. Thank you for sharing. <3