Weigh In

If you are just joining in on Wednesday weight in, you may want to read this and this. Although I am not putting down your intelligence that you will get the point even for not reading them :) !

Calvin was not as successful on his weight loss this week as he has been. He sadly announced a +1. He was not the only one to see a (+) this week, in a way I guess you could say that's comforting. To him at least. He's the one in it for the challenge after all. I give him the excuses to justify his gain. 1. Sickness. He came down with a cold this week and no one feels like working out while sick. 2. Quitting Tobacco. This week he has quit chewing tobacco and I know from my (failed) experiences, it's not easy and food some how seems to slip past your lips before you can really grasp the situation. So while he may have had a +1 on the scale, he is still a winner for kicking the tobacco.

Calvin can now commit himself into the...