Not sure what to name this post.

Well I have not kept up on my promise of more posts! I feel like I am always busy and when I do have time to get on the internet I never have anything to really say. So here I sit at my mothers house because our water will be off (again) tomorrow and I thought it easier to stay here, and thinking I really need to make a post, but about what? We will start with life is going good. Calvin has been hunting and working and spending time with the family. Brianna is still love school (most days) and growing up so fast. Addisyn is getting such the personallity and a climber. And I am loving my life, being mother, wife, and care taker. Life seems to have some stress, but hey that IS life. On another note, Calvin and I have decided to try for another baby. Boy or girl, as long as it's healthy, we couldn't be happier. This is the first cycle and I will test in 2 weeks or so. We are not stressing over it this time, like I seemed to do with Addisyn. I don't know what it is about trying to concieve that seems to get me stressed, after all this is not MY plan. God is great.

I leave you with this message that my husband has sent to me daily. Thank the Lord for a blessed beautiful day and remember Jesus loves you.

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    Good luck in TTC!!!