Flick Friday

February Releases.

Changeling-Angelina Jolie was phemomenal in this flick. Based on a true story about a child that disappears from his home and months later authority returns "him" to his mother (Angelina Jolie). She is furious at the return beacause it not her son. They push it on her that he surely is, but she still continues her search for her son.

Madagascar 2:Escape to Africa- I loved the first Madagascar, so when a second was released, it was a must see. And what a cute little movie. They begin on the island and build a craft to get to New York; home. They don't quite make it to New York, but their adventure to try is eventful and fun to watch!

Nights in Rodanth- A love story. A stubborn couple, refusing to evacuate, bed together in cover of a hurricane and fall in love. Richard Gere plays a doctor and Diane Ladd an inkeeper. When Paul (Richard) has to leave for other matters, the two keep in touch with sappy love letters. How romantic!

Quarintine- Everyone loves low-budget. A camera crew wants to follow a fireman and when a call comes in, they don't have an idea what they are getting into. They get to the apartment complex, I think is the area they were at, and people are like turning crazy from a rabies like infection. While it was not a great horror movie, I did watch all of it! Not something I would reccomend, but if you are a movie geek you will probably watch it, as I am!

Sex Drive- Similar to all of the Road Trip movies, a senior in highschool who happens to be a virgin, is on a quest to change just that. His virginity. He finds Mrs. Tasty online and begins his journey to meet her, accomanied by 2 of his friends. They happen apon an Amish community where a mechanic helps them just in time with car troubles. It's funny, and I thought it was pretty good.

Soul Men- I love any movies with Samuel L. Jackson, so this one I had to see as well. It's about a band that broke up and when one of them dies, the other two get back together for a tribute. But it's not as easy as it sounds, and there are ups and down of the regrouping. That's about all I can say about this movie, but it was one I enjoyed watching.

The Hauting of Molly Hartley- What this movie boils down to is a teenager whoes mothers tried to kill her, finds out that her mothers goal of the attempted murder was to break the pack with the devil. the teen experiences weird dreams and she believes it's all linked to her mother and the fact that her mother is insane. Is she insane also?

The Secret Life of Bees- Dakota Fanning rocks this film. Along with Queen Latifah and Jennifer Hudson. Based in 1964, a young white girl (Dakota Fanning) run away from her home because of her father and along side is a black housekeeper. The find refuge with Queen Latifah who is in the business of honey and Lilly (Fanning) through beekeeping learns values and life lessons. I wish I would have read the book first, I hear it was a good one. Since I enjoyed the movie, I assume the book would have been even better. Since that's how it usually goes.

W. - Yes I watched it, and I don't remember much about it. I remember that it is around the phase of the Iraq war, but it was nothing memorable.

Zach and Miri Make a Porno- Very funny, not for children, I love Seth Rogan. I have watched this movie a few times and everytime is just as funny as the first. Room mates down on their luck decide that a porno would get them the money needed to get them back on their feet. After failed attemps to get a location, they decide to film at the coffee shop they work in. After getting friends together, and a "theme" the filming begins and the movie gets interesting. If you have not seen this, watch it. As long as you get along with raunchty, sex, and humor movies.

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    I LOVED Zack and Miri! We ended up buying it! And I was not a fan of W. I was not a G.W. supporter but I thought the movie painted him as a buffoon. And Changeling was phenomenal. It really made me think. Good stuff Jess =) If you haven't seen Observe and Report, that one is pretty good too!


    Gosh I haven't seen ANY of these movies!!