Flick Friday

I have found a list of movies released this year and since I have seen so many, I am going to take a few posts and tell you what ones I liked, and what I didn't like and maybe why. I will do my best to NOT give anything away, but please forgive me if some I really like I will begin to blabber and spoils come out.


Pineapple Express- While many poeple like this, others did not and I am in that catagory. I will say it had funny scenes, but the whole stoner story was just not me. Something about it just was not me.

Righteous Kill- I am a big fan of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino and this was a must see for me. They play detectives that are working on a case of a serial killer. It's a thriller, and that's really my style. It's something if you haven't yet, you need to see.


Mirrors- Awesome. I love a good ghostly tale, and this fits the role perfectly. This man goes to work as a security guard at a store or motel, dont remember exactly, and starts seeing things in the million mirros hanging all over the building. Oh and it is a building that was in a fire also. If that matters, I dont remember haha. It's a good spook! Check it out.

My best friends girl- Dane Cook is hillarious. I love him in movies and as a stand up comedian, so his role in My Best friends girl is equally enjoyable to all other performances he has done. He is a like a backup plan I guess to other men. He goes on dates with women in hopes of the date being so bad that they return to their ex-boyfriends. I would reccomend this movie.


Igor- I did not get a chance to watch this, but Brianna did watch it a handful of times in 2 days so I would say to those who have children, "your children will enjoy it".

Saw V- All of the Saw movies have been equally good. It is surprising to have a series so interesting want to watch all of them. That just does not happen very often. If you have liked the other Saw movies, this one you must also see.


Lakeview Terrance- A couple moves in to a, what seems to be, quite, pleasent neighborhood. A freaky neighbor who happens to be a cop lives next door. The fact that the couple is a Cacasin and African american does not sit well with the African American neighbor/cop. The cop (Samuel L. Jackson) becomes an annoyance in hopes of moving the couple out because their mix relationship is a bad influence on his children. Good clip! "What could be safer than living next to a cop? "

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    We watched Pineapple Express. I ended up falling asleep.